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Slothful humans throughout history have demonstrated a tendency in embracing authoritarian government powers, for the provision of social needs rather than free will charity.  This disregard of human dignity by use of unlawful force, is very contrary to the basics of natural law and results in damaging imbalances in society. 

My pioneer ancestors were share-cropper slaves that fled the tyranny and despair of authoritarian government in Europe and arrived in Canada in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  While growing up on a small mixed farm, I was surrounded by the pioneers and their desperate hand crafted tools and implements.  Witnessing this desperation and hearing their particular dislike of government in general, government regulated banking, schooling, milk, meat, etc., was a unique learning tool for me.  These old folks would transport farm processed frozen meat during winter to local and distant markets like Edmonton.  With today’s regulations government interferes violently with this natural need of food production.  If the same regulations of today were enforced on the pioneers, they would have experienced deadly food shortages due to bureaucracy. 

We have been taught to admire bureaucracy and to have lustful desires for government benefits, which has seduced us into a debt ridden and overburdened social system.  This government social system is violent and protects its special interests.  I was brutalized in that partisan protection process.  Rather than self-aggrandizing my injuries and embarking on a perpetual pity party, I have a duty to take some sensible action within the natural law.  If the pioneers knew that I had this technology available, at a cost of course, and did not take action in my situation.  The pioneers I believe, would be offended with me for failing to warn others. Especially about the dangers and costs associated with over two decades of government corruption, which has harmed many.