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What is the purpose of Municipal Media?

To provide News, Information, and Networking opportunities for those who become involved. 

What does it cost to join?

No cost to join. You may make a donation to fund the operation of the website if you wish.

Is Municipal Media affiliated with any political party?

Municipal Media is not affiliated with any political party. This site was inspired by the violent acts of our political party system and is dedicated to sharing that history to prevent other innocent individuals from injury in the future.

What do you do with the funds raised through donations?

These donations go towards the operation of the website and the basic needs of life. My financial situation is very grim. After being attacked by the provincial government for several years, I have incurred legal costs over $15,000 and I have proven the government wrong in its actions. The ultimate goal is to acquire funds by consultations where I share my experience with others to prevent further government corruption. Also, advertising on the site will generate funds and those funds combined with the consultations will create a new career for me.  That will enable me to support events related to the networking initiative of this site.