Interview: Dave Bjorkman, Alberta Independence Party – Tuesday October 13, 2020

Dave Bjorkman was born in Peace River, Alberta to parents who were farmers and blue collar workers, and grew up in Stony Plain, Alberta.

    • An Alberta Business Graduate in 2000, Majored in Economics.
    • A Ralph Klein supporter and Wildrose supporter under Brian Jean.
    • After Jason Kenney won the UCP leadership, Dave left the Wildrose to pursue Alberta Independence.

He ran a majority of candidates to form the Alberta Independence Party in the 2019 Election with a pure Independence-From-Canada Platform.

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Interview: Ousted Alberta Independence Party Communications Director – Ryan McNeil Sharing Concerns – Dismissals, Elections Alberta, Police Complaints

Ryan McNeil took the opportunity to share his experiences related to the lack of remedy in a dysfunctional government electoral system.

A new political party surfaced just before the April 2019 provincial election. Shortly after the election problems within the party began to emerge via social media. No shortage of accusations but facts are difficult to determine.

The situation he describes is a complex and energy draining set of circumstances. It is very easy to lay blame however the intent here is to present facts to the public and find solutions for the future.

Listeners are encouraged to reach out to government and other sources for solutions.

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ADM Gary Sandberg Audio Dec. 8, 2015

This audio was made and provided by councillor Croswell. Starting at 2:40 is the Sandberg delegation agenda item, where the assistant deputy minister provides protection for councillors Grumetza and Hanasyk and continues the assault on councillor Sisson contrary to s. 577(4) MGA. Sandberg and cohorts on behalf of Dishonorable Danielle, attended this meeting contrary to the procedure bylaw and imposed 2 additional directives on council via ministerial order MSL:166/15.  The audio provides important comments by councillors Croswell and Buryn and captures the complete dialog of the delegation proceedings.   

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