Town Of Irricana – Councillor Asks For Someone To Shoot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau During MP’s Delegation



The October 2019 federal election is almost coming to an end, yet no one is talking about the verbal request for murder uttered by an Alberta Municipal Official during an open council meeting while MP Martin Shields was speaking.


On March 4, 2019, Councillor Debbie Day:


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Openly asked for someone to shoot Justin Trudeau, at least she said please.  Now that’s not all of the story as this happened while Martin Shields, the MP for Bow River, was discussing comments by Justin Trudeau in France.  No matter your political affiliation, how is this call for violence acceptable? Or why has local media not commented on this already?  It would make sense that local media was present at this council meeting, and perhaps the media chose not to report on the councillor’s request for someone to shoot the prime minister.


The media isn’t the only party who has stayed silent: Shields hasn’t commented on this issue, the Mayor who chaired the meeting never commented publicly, nor has the rest of their Council. Why is there such a high level of silence on such a serious statement?


Now Debbie Day did apologize later in the meeting, but only for blurting aloud, what else is going silent amongst the elected officials?


It appears that a council code of conduct bylaw would be breached in this situation and possible criminal code breaches as well. Municipal affairs should be acting to ensure this matter is properly addressed.  Since this situation deals with conduct of an individual, terms of reference could be drafted for a public inquiry into the request for violence.

The audio clip was supplied by anonymous sources and a concerned citizen made the audio recording of the public council meeting.


We will be looking more into this incident and other related issues.