Yellow Vest – “Posse Comitatus” – Canada Wide Radio Network

Check out the Yellow Vest Posse Comitatus – CA channel on Zello

Globalist and government sponsored media organizations are demonizing the peaceful efforts of the Yellow Vest movement in Canada. The link above provides a push to talk (“PTT”) radio application, enabling individuals to participate in respectful conversations Canada wide.  This is a powerful tool, for sharing ideas and countering fake news.

The peaceful free assembly of individuals, gathering for the purpose of helping those in need, defines the historical Latin term, “Posse Comitatus”.  The Yellow Vest / Posse Comitatus movement is a phenomenon that occurs when humans are experiencing times of crisis.

Canada and other western nations are in a serious time of crisis.  Their economies and national security are under attack by globalist “postnational” agendas. At the same time, the Canadian federal government is funding the failing Moron media.  Special treatment and government funding for the Presstitute media, is a clear sign of desperation by government and media cronies.

Thanks to the free market, Independent media has been doing great work, by exposing the whore mongering of governments and government sponsored media.  Free market information provided by the efficiencies of the Independent media, has enabled an awakening within many nations.