Preliminary Review & Preliminary Review Debunking Research

Preliminary Review conducted outside of any statutory controls.

The preliminary review first surfaced in March 2016.  It was part of assistant deputy minister Gary Sandberg’s affidavit of March 23, 2016 in relation to a court order staying (injunction) ministerial order MSL: 021/16 of March 10, 2016.

This preliminary review procedure is conducted by the department outside of any statutory controls which makes the procedure illegal.  Allegations of misconduct are made in this document without any reasonable notice of allegation and without opportunity to be heard.

The basics of natural justice and procedural fairness were thoroughly disregarded as the illegal preliminary review process was used to make the decision to conduct an inspection under section 571 of the municipal government act.

 “Protection against abuse of power”

“Administrative law is concerned with the abuse of power.  Even if the decision maker is rightfully within its competence in considering an issue, there are a variety of actions that may be taken which may be considered to be abusive.  There is no such thing as an unfettered or absolute administrative power.  In this regard, administrative law functions as a shield protecting citizens, and acts to constrain governmental powers within their legal bounds.  For example, it may be that a negative decision was taken without following the basic rules of natural justice or procedural fairness.  Principles of administrative law may, depending on the nature of the decision and the statutory power involved, quash the decision and send the matter back to the public authority to be reconsidered.”

“LexisNexis” Reference Card: Administrative Law ~ Extracted from “Halsbury’s Laws of Canada”

Authors: Guy Regimbald & Mathew Estabrooks

False information has been provided in this preliminary review document, see page 7, 3. Finances and p.8 “Examples of specific incidents include:” – The grader and bus accusations are 100% debunked and the debunking research of approximately 80 pages was provided by Acting CAO Pat Vincent.  The $200,000 water system repair is 100% fiction and not located in county records.  Providing false and misleading information in an affidavit and conducting an illegal preliminary review inquiry, I believe are very serious offences and need to be investigated and prosecuted.

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